(Coleman) style frame with newer type engraving.

(Modified Jensen) style frame half engraved.

(Waters) "V" frame fully engraved with old coins as coil tops.

(Waters) "V" frame fully engraved with twisted spring saddle support.

(Coleman) style frame highly detailed & fully engraved.

(Hlavaty) custom frame made for Garage magazine's Gal of the year 2007 ( Kat ).

Polished (Percy Waters) style frame with rear spring saddle support.

Engraved (Hlavaty) custom frame made for "Handmade vol 2".

1874 pennies used for coil tops with snake skin coil covers.

Engraved custom (Hlavaty) frame with brass inlays for koi fish scales, and black

mother of pearl accent. Japanese coins used as coil tops with exotic skin for coil covers.

(Hlavaty) custom frame with double rear binder.

High detailed engraving on (Coleman) style frame.

Another engraved (Coleman) style frame.

Engraved (Paul Rogers) prefab style frame with fish tape coil covers.

(Coleman) Style frame fully engraved.

Fully engraved ( Rogers ) prefab. Mother of pearl accent.


(Hlavaty)custom machine polished and drilled finish.

(Rogers ) Style frame polished and drilled.

(Hlavaty) custom frame. Made from old wrenches and old Indian head nickel.