Frequently Asked Questions For Body Piercings

1. Do I need an appointment for a piercing?
No need for an appointment, piercings are walk in only - first come first serve. However,
we suggest calling your desired studio to check availability for the day.
2. How old do you have to be to get a piercing?
To legally get pierced in Texas ON YOUR OWN you must be 18 years of age or older

Accepted I.D's are driverís license, state ID card, militaryID or passport.

All I.D.'s must be a valid, government issue, include D.O.B. and photo
If you are under 18 years of age:
You must come with a parent or legal guardian.-Parent present with their valid gov. issue picture ID.
-Minor with their valid gov issue picture ID with matching address and last name as parent. If either are different or missing then we require a birth certificate showing age and guardianship or court issued papers showing guardianship.

-You are an older brother, sister, aunt, uncle, grandparent or anyone else we must have
proof of guardianship.
We will need court issued documents signed by a judge such as
custody or divorce paperwork.
-You are married and under 18, bring your spouse with a marriage certificate.
Age Guidelines:
12+ Ear Lobes ONLY! (Birth Certificate for minor)
15+ Navel, Lip, Monroe Cartilage, Ear, Eyebrow, and Nostril (Photo ID for minor)
18+ Micro Dermals, Nipples, and Genital NO EXCEPTIONS!!!!!!
3. What is the price?
Pricing varies depending on piercing and jewelry used. Please call your desired studio
for further information.
4. Can I bring my own jewelry?
No, jewelry you purchase online and in stores usually do not allow room for swelling and
can be low quality jewelry.
5. What type of jewelry do you use?
Each piercing varies on the specific type we use. The material is 316L implant grade
surgical steel. For an additional charge, we can pierce with titanium jewelry for those
with sensitivity/allergies to metals.
6. Is it going to hurt?
While a piercing isn't super painful, it is uncomfortable. If you can handle getting your
blood taken, a shot, body waxing, or teeth being cleaned at the dentist then you can handle a piercing!
7. What piercings hurt more?
Different people will have a different answer for this. Some will say tongues are the most
painful, however, most people will say it was nothing. Also, your piercer, hormones and
how sensitive your body part is goes into the factor of how bad it will hurt. Good news! A
piercing is over with in seconds, so even if it does hurt really bad it will be over with by
the time you feel it!!
8. Is your studio clean?
Fine Line Tattoo follows sterile techniques. ALL needles are single use and sterilized. All
reusable clamps and other tools are sterilized after each use in an ultra sonic and
autoclave. All jewelry is 316L stainless steel or titanium and sterilized prior to piercing.
Tables and trays are sprayed down with a disinfectant and single use latex or
nitrile gloves are used on each client. Our store does monthly spore testing to test our
autoclave is working. We are also visited by the health department twice a year.
9. Is it a needle or a gun?
Needle ONLY! Piercing guns can not be properly sterilized after each use. They take a
blunt end of jewelry forcing it through your skin. A needle (tho sounds scary) is very
sharp and goes through the skin with ease. The jewelry used in a piercing gun is
normally made of low grade metal and does not allow room for your piercing to swell
and hard to clean around. Plus, Body Piercers usually have more experience and
education than the girl at the mall who is working there for the summer.
10. Can I get pierced while Iím pregnant?
Due to Texas laws, we can not pierce or tattoo someone while pregnant.
I have a medical condition I am worried it will affect me getting a piercing. Any
Please consult your doctor on whether or not a piercing is ideal for you.
11. Can I take photos or video?
Photos and video are NOT allowed during your procedure.
12. Can I put a spacer in it?
A spacer or retainer is a plastic clear piece of jewelry that is worn to conceal the
piercing. It is suggested to wait 8 weeks before putting a spacer in a new piercing. The
material of the spacer is not good for healing, the constant changing of jewelry can
irritate the piercing site and the spacer is usually isnít long enough for swelling. Make up
needs to stay off piercing as well until it is healed. If you can not keep it in for the 8
weeks because of school or work then it may be best to wait till summer or pick another
13. Can I go swimming after I get a piercing?
It is suggested to wait 8 weeks or longer before swimming in any body of water
including but not limited to: Lakes, Rivers, Oceans and Swimming Pools.
You CAN cover some piercings with a water proof bandage. Make sure there is no way
it can leak. If your piercing is a facial piercing then donít go under water with it.
Showering is fine! Wash off any shampoo or body wash. Bathing would be best if waited
till after the 8 weeks.
14. Can you do the piercing that cures headaches?
As body piercers we can not offer a medical cure by piercing you. We are capable of
piercing your ear in your desired location, but we can not tell you a piercing can cure a
headache, etc.




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