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5510 Broadway Blvd. in Garland (972)-240-0680 * 3801 Gus Thomasson in Mesquite (972)-686-9696

Skillman St. in Dallas (214)-343-8287

Fine Line Tattoo Studio Policies
- You must be 18 years of age or older to get tattooed in the state of Texas. You will
need a valid government issued picture ID to get tattooed. Example: Driverís License,
ID Card, Passport, Military ID. There is no parental consent. Please visit Piercing FAQ
for information regarding minor piercings.

- Cell Phone Policy: Please be considerate with cell phones in the lobby. Inside voices
and headphones are appreciated. In the studio room, there are no photos or videos
- Children under the age of 12 are not allowed in the studio rooms. An adult will have to
wait with them in the lobby. We highly suggest leaving young children and babies at
home. If children are too loud or distracting, you will be asked to leave the building.
- Due to small studio rooms and parking accommodations, we suggest to leave your
entourage at home. While we love having your friends here to witness your tattoo or
piercing, we simply donít have the room to accommodate everyone. You may be limited
on how many people can come back to the room with you.
drinking or drug use, then you will be turned away.
- Please come prepared for your tattoo or piercing. Eat a snack or meal prior to arriving.
Bring water if needed. Please wear clothing that will be easily accessible to your
piercing or tattoo. Hair ties for ear piercings and neck tattoos. While we will clean and
shave the area getting tattooed, please come clean with proper hygiene.
- All Sales are Final - no refunds or returns. Touch ups are guaranteed by the artist that
did the tattoo. Touch up work is done at the artistsís leisure within 90 days of receiving
the tattoo. Certain areas, like fingers, do not have a free touch up due to the location.
Piercings have a 7 day guarantee with the artist that performed the piercing. After 7
days, lost jewelry, change outs and repiercing will be have a charge.
- We can not pierce or tattoo you if you are pregnant or have a heart condition. If you
have a medical or mental condition that would be made worse by getting tattooed or
pierced please consult your doctor prior and bring a doctorís note if needed.

- No animails are allowed in the the building.